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SittingSpa® is a personal, portable massage in a pouch for a fast-paced world.

Relax & Roll:
  • In the Car
  • On a Plane
  • At the Office
  • While doing Yoga
  • During Meditation

Made in the USA from Organic & Recycled Materials.



“Sitting Spa is a great and affordable therapeutic tool that is extremely portable. It not only works to relieve tension, but also promotes improved posture and alignment. It’s like having a therapist on hand wherever you go!”

-J. Patterson, PT, DPT



“I have used this product on the go with great success. It takes up so little room in my purse and, yet, provides the relief and benefits of a large foam roller – even more exact and pinpointed therapy than a foam roller. I no longer take a road trip without my Sitting Spa.”

-Y Cornell, Travel Photographer



“We all sit too much. Most of my patients, in fact, most people I know, are dealing with some level of back tension. Sitting Spa is a simple and effective tool for releasing some of that tightness as it is happening; at the desk, in the car, or on the plane.”

– Christopher Gibney, L.Ac., D.Hom.


“I always recommend self-care for my clients in between massage sessions.  Sitting Spa is excellent for helping release tension between the shoulder blades and encourage better posture.”

– Carla F., NCTMB, Massage Therapist

What SittingSpa® users are saying...

“Holy heaven!”

“I think I’m gonna sit here for the rest of the day.”

“I would definitely use this at my desk!”

“Sitting Spa is so useful. I love it!”

“Simple but effective.”

“What a lovely massage!”

“Ooo…I definitely need this for my lower back.”

“It’s so simple, but works surprisingly well.”

“Wow! I love this.”

“Sitting Spa started my morning off right!”

“I need this on my next plane ride.”

“It’s much better than a lacrosse ball because I can hold onto one end.”

“Oh! I’m giving this a 5-star review on Amazon!”

“Oh, yeah! I just worked a huge knot out of my shoulder!”

“This is exactly what a Physical Therapist tells you to do.”

“I use my Sitting Spa all day long!”

“It’s like a foam roller, but so much more effective.”

“Oh yeah! This really works.”

“Come try this–it’s my new favorite thing!”

“How fun! I’m bringing this to my next meeting!”

“It feels just like a massage! I want to stay here forever.”

“I like everything about this. So much better than foam rolling.”

“I have a lot of back problems & could really use this!”

“My colleague just bought one & it’s amazing. I ordered two immediately.”

“This feels awesome! You have to try it.“

What is SittingSpa®?

SittingSpa® is a portable massager that allows you to control back pain with acupressure balls.  The new neck pillow of travel–SittingSpa® allows you to travel in those cramped spaces and give your back some seriously needed support and massage while sitting for long stretches.

Who is SittingSpa® for?

SittingSpa® is for anyone who experiences back pain.  You can give it as a gift or use it for yourself. You can keep one in the car, have one in your home and leave one at your desk.

How do I use SittingSpa®?

Place the SittingSpa® balls behind your back, under your buttocks, or legs. Position the balls wherever you feel pain or need stress relief. You can use it in the car, at the office, on an airplane or while lying down. It is in a stretchy, organic fabric so you can put one ball on the lower back while the other is pushing against the upper back…or you can place a ball against both sides of the lower or upper back. It is also great for sciatic pain. Relax & enjoy!

Does SittingSpa® work?

SittingSpa® will do away with that nagging pain you get from commuting and driving for long distances, sitting at your desk for hours on end or taking a painful plane ride across country.  It will relieve your pain almost instantaneously and allow you to move the balls wherever the aches occur in your body.

Why use SittingSpa®?

SittingSpa® helps to unlock tight muscle knots, aches and pain. It helps relieve tension & stress, improve blood flow, release compressed nerves, for carpel tunnel, for sciatica or to move around on trigger points.

When to use SittingSpa®?

When you are sitting on a long flight, working at the office, in the car, while watching TV, in yoga class, while meditating, when you drive long distances, or during childbirth.