Sitting Spa in Carrying Bag
Sitting Spa Against WallSitting Spa in CarSitting Spa Under Upper BackSitting Spa While DrivingSitting Spa in YogaSitting Spa Against WallSitting Spa in ChairSitting Spa Under BackSitting Spa with Carrying Bag



SittingSpa™ is a personal, portable massage in a bag for a fast-paced world.
Made in the USA from Organic & Recycled Materials.

Relax & Roll:

  • In the Car
  • On a Plane
  • At the Office
  • While doing Yoga
  • During Meditation


  1. :

    I have used this product on the go with great success. It takes up so little room in my purse and yet provides the relief and benefits of a large foam roller – even more exact and pinpointed of a therapy than a foam roller. I no longer take a road trip without my Sitting Spa.

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